Lana Del Rey apparently has a lot of fans who listen to rock and metal, according to a post on Reddit.

The singer-songwriter rose to fame after the release of her album Born to Die in 2012, which was noted for its vintage sound and references to 1950s and '60s Americana. She's released seven more albums since, and recently announced a country album titled Lasso, due out this year.

Del Rey has covered a wide variety of styles in her music, from pop to soft rock to hip-hop and folk. Thus, someone on the Lana Del Rey Reddit page asked what other artists her fans listen to the most, and surprisingly, a ton of rock and metal bands were named throughout the discussion.

Keep reading to see which ones — some of them may be your favorites, too.

The Rock Artists Lana Del Rey Fans Listen to the Most

The list of rock artists mentioned throughout the Reddit thread range from classic rock bands of the '70s to alternative bands of the '90s all the way to contemporary rock, so there is a wide variety. Below are some of the comments that mention rock artists.

  • Deftones, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths
  • Alice in Chains, Amy Winehouse, Guns N' Roses, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac, Judas Priest
  • My music taste is broad but mostly rock-oriented. Some of my favorites: Alice in Chains, Type O Negative, Nirvana, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Marina and the Diamonds, Evanescence, Ghost, She Wants Revenge, and a bunch of female singers like Alanis Morissette, Chelsea Wolfe, PJ Harvey, Mitski, and Fiona Apple.

Chelsea Wolfe, 'Whispers in the Echo Chamber'

The Metal Artists Lana Del Rey Fans Listen to the Most

Quite a few metal artists were mentioned too. Read the comments that name metal bands below.

  • I mostly listen to black metal, shoegaze, doom metal, darkwave and post punk. Lana is nothing like the other music I listen to. My all time favorite band is Alcest.
  • Mostly metal and classic rock. Queens of the Stone Age, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Rush, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Pantera, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen. Lana combines her voice, music and lyrics to sound just as powerful as those artists, but in a way that I never expected to like.
  • Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Rob Zombie, My Chemical Romance, Billie Eilish, Banks, Halsey, Lady Gaga, Lorde
  • Ethel Cain, Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Saint Avangeline, Emma Ruth Rundle, and a bunch of European doom metal bands with only one or two albums

Alcest, 'L'Envol'

Lana Del Rey Has a Few Rock 'n' Roll Heroes

Del Rey has a few connections to rock music herself. Firstly, Elvis Presley is mentioned in a couple of her songs, including "Million Dollar Man," "American" and "Body Electric," as well as The Doors frontman Jim Morrison, who was name dropped in her track "Gods & Monsters."

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Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose and Del Rey were friends at one point, and were spotted together on several occasions. She's also been photographed wearing GN'R shirts a handful of times.

The musician has also cited Nirvana's Kurt Cobain as a huge influence, once telling NME, "When I was 11, I saw Kurt Cobain singing ‘Heart Shaped Box’ on MTV and it really stopped me dead in my tracks... I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Even at a young age, I really related to his sadness."

Lana Del Rey, 'Heart-Shaped Box' (Nirvana Cover)

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