Here's the least played song live off each of Iron Maiden's 17 studio albums.

One of the greatest live acts on the planet, Maiden have a rich and deep catalog that extends far beyond the respective singles from each record. Always keen on heavily representing a new album live, the metal legends tend to play a handful of new tracks on each album cycle and, over the last 20 years, the retrospective eras runs brought a bunch of rarities back to the stage.

Even so, there's still a great deal of deep cuts and fan favorites we are likely to never hear again, especially the ones that were not frequently played back when any of these albums were released.

Surprisingly, there's even an official single off 2000's Brave New World that has only been performed four times. It's one of five Maiden songs that have been played less than five times total.

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See the least played song off each Iron Maiden album directly below.

The Least Played Song Live Off Every Iron Maiden Album

With as our guide, here's the least played song off each of Iron Maiden's 17 studio albums (as of Aug. 21, 2023).

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