Classic rock fans are in for a real treat this holiday season. A line of Led Zeppelin-branded Hot Wheels die-cast toy cars will hit retail store shelves for December 2019, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock.

So pack the whole family in the van to seek out the miniature vehicles decorated with art from the band's classic debut, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III and untitled (commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV) albums. Also available is a tiny truck celebrating the group's 1975 North American tour. See them all toward the bottom of this post.

The toy representing Led Zeppelin's first album is called "Haulin' Gas," a late-'60s tour bus in silver and black. The outfit's follow-up LP finds its toy likeness in a "Super Van" reminiscent of vintage Hot Wheels Real Riders toys. The white "Combat Medic" van carries III's artwork, and the "'67 Austin Mini Van" bears the unmistakable "ZoSo" iconography from the group's fourth album. The blue '75 tour bus is called the "Hiway Hauler."

But these little, rockin' cars aren't the first time that Hot Wheels' premium line has turned to classic jams for inspiration. The brand has previously toted die-cast toy car lines for both the Beatles and the Grateful Dead.

Mattel's Hot Wheels Collectors forum lists the five toys among the brand's retail releases for this month. As opposed to more limited Hot Wheels affairs, the Led Zeppelin line is said to be widely available.

Hot Wheels 2020 Pop Culture Mix 1 – Led Zeppelin:

• ’67 Austin Mini Van
• Combat Medic
• Haulin' Gas
• Hiway Hauler
• Super Van


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