Just last month, founding Entombed member Alex Hellid revealed that he and his cohorts had emerged victorious in the ongoing legal battle over the band's name with former singer LG Petrov, who currently fronts Entombed A.D. However, Petrov is claiming that all is not what it seems and his lawyer has issued a statement disputing Hellid's claim.

Helene Hillerström Miksche from Comlaw, which represents Petrov and Entombed A.D's members, is insisting that the court's decision does not give the guitarist the exclusive right to use the name.

Her statement sent to the Swedish music business site MusikIndustrin.se reads as follows (as translated by Blabbermouth):

Unfortunately, incorrect information has been spread following the two judgments announced by the Patent and Market Court last [month] concerning the right to the band name in different product classes. The court's decision is unfortunate in many ways, and largely difficult to understand. Regardless of what decisions are made, the effect of them is not that the brand and the band name belong to Alex and the former band members. The decisions have not gained legal force and can be appealed.

LG's and the rest of the band's attitude is that the band name belongs to the band in common, and Alex has been offered to be also registered for trademark registration. The same applies to former band members. Alex's attitude so far has been that he himself shall own the name and he's treating the rest of the band, including LG, who has been a member since its inception, as if they were without legal rights. LG and the rest of the band are still hoping to reach an out-of-court settlement and have submitted several conciliation proposals.

Hellid stated upon last month's ruling by the Patent and Market Court, “Naturally, we are delighted with the decision of the courts. It’s a great relief that this issue is now finally ruled on and we can return to focusing on giving people more Entombed. We have discussed ideas and plans of what we want to do and look forward to working together on creating the best possible Entombed for the future, both in the recording studio and in a live setting."

Hellid exited Entombed in 2014, while Petrov decided to continue the band under the Entombed A.D. moniker. Just last year, Hellid was joined by Entombed members Nicke Andersson and Uffe Cederlund to revisit their 1991 album Clandestine onstage and to also play a rock cruise. Though Hellid seemed to be satisfied that the ruling would allow them to move forward under the Entombed name, it appears as though there may be a challenge where that's concerned.

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