Entombed A.D. frontman LG Petrov (pictured front center) was the guest of Full Metal Jackie's weekend radio show. The vocalist checked in to discuss the band's 'Dead Dawn' album and also touched on the frustration over the Entombed name and the group's upcoming touring. Read the interview in full below.

How are you doing this evening?

I'm feeling good, how are you?

LG, what inspires and creatively motivates you when you start working on a new record?

This time around when we started doing the riffs and ideas for the [album], we started with just a couple of weeks after the last album finished, actually. [laughs] So, we just worked hard for 18 months. I mean every new album is, either the second one or the eleventh one, you know, you can say that it's a continuation of the old and tuned. It's still the same band, but I mean a new album is a new experience. It's like starting over again, and this is what we do: making music and touring. After more than 25 years you're still not getting tired of it. The cycle continues. It's a new experience every time, so it just starts over again. You look forward to the extensive touring and whatever comes with that, partying and headbanging and stuff. So, we're just kids again.

How has frustration caused by the ownership of the Entombed name fueled your attitude while making new music?

I mean at the time there was a lot of frustration. I think it's an ongoing process, but for the time being, we just left it aside because it takes a lot of energy away. So then you concentrate your frustration in making new music, because that's a great release to get your feelings out. Then it results in a new album, and then you can just get rid of a lot of aggressiveness. Thank somebody that we have music as an outlet. So it's good, and then staying on and just putting all of your aggressiveness toward the crowd. Then they give you the energy back, and that's the greatest feeling on earth.

Musically, what makes you especially proud of Dead Dawn?

We're like working in strange ways, because I just got the Dead Dawn album on my iPhone a couple of days ago. After having finished it, the recording, me personally, I just let it go and then I didn't want to hear the final outcome of it. It seems like after it's mixed and mastered, then I listened to it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. That's maybe sounding strange, but that's the way I like it. It makes it more exciting as well. I'm not getting bored, but when you sit in the studio hearing over and over again, you get tired of the songs, even though they're great stuff. Then I forget about it a couple of weeks, and then when it comes back, mixed and fully ready, then I listen to it. Then I can't say anything negative about it, because then it's too late. It's already pressed and ready to be shipped out. So, it's strange, but I like it that way.

Business aside, why is making new music and touring something that you couldn't live without?

I couldn't imagine doing something else. I've been living with this for 30 years. That's not to say I can't do anything else, [laughs] but it's been 30 years. We just continue, this is what we do. This is what our fans want us to do, for us, every day is just a new day with music. I couldn't - people stop making music, what? - life wouldn't be worth living. Then, when you get a chance to make music yourselves and to hear people appreciate it, it makes you strive for even more. Doing albums, touring, it never goes out of sight. Do you say it like that? Pardon my European. [laughs] Every day is a just a great day, you can make more and more music. We've even started to do new songs, even though we haven't started rehearsing the new songs from the album.

Thats amazing!

We are productive in other ways now, we just take care of time. You never know when it's going to stop. Just keep going.

I know you've got these European shows booked. Talk about your plans to tour Dead Dawn here in the United States.

Actually, in two weeks we're going out with a great bill with Behemoth, Abbath and Entombed A.D. and Inquisition. We're going out in two weeks here in Europe, after that we have some one off shows around Europe and then in April we're coming to the States again. It'll start on April 7 and it'll be for six weeks with Amon Amarth. Looking forward to that very very much.

Looking forward to having you here.

Thank you.

Thanks to Entombed A.D.'s LG Petrov for the interview. The band's 'Dead Dawn' album is available via Amazon and iTunes. Look for Entombed A.D. on tour at these stops. Find out where you can hear Full Metal Jackie’s weekend show at fullmetaljackieradio.com.

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