Get ready to witness one of the most awesome live concert moments ever. During Machine Head's Jan. 29 set in Buffalo, N.Y., one kid brought a sign that read "Let this 13-year-old play 'Aesthetics of Hate' with you." After Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn saw the sign, he invited the kid up onstage and threw his axe around the teen's shoulder.

Rock 'n' roll is all about dreams, and 13-year-old Anthony Potenza achieved one of his dreams as he graced the Buffalo stage to play 'Aesthetics of Hate' with Machine Head. This was no "Awww, look at the cute kid up there on stage" either. Potenza shredded through the song on Robb Flynn's guitar -- captivating both the crowd and the entire band.

As Flynn grabbed the mic and ran around the stage performing vocals, Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel guided Potenza through duel harmonies and lead parts while trading off blistering solos. Flynn yelled "Let's hear it for Anthony" multiple times during 'Aesthetics,' with the crowd roaring for the teen with the same intensity as they did for Machine Head themselves.

Machine Head are currently touring with Darkest Hour and Suicide Silence on 'The Eighth Plague' tour, which continues across North America until Feb. 18.

Watch 13-Year-Old Anthony Shred with Machine Head