Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn was recently kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time for an exclusive interview. During the interview he spoke to us about his fans buying his son Zander a new guitar after it was stolen during a home invasion and the difficulties of touring while being a father of two. 

When we asked Flynn if Zander was still shredding, the Machine Head frontman replied, "Yeah, he is totally. They [Machine Head fans] bought him a brand new Dean black guitar which was awesome; [he is] super stoked on it. The first song he ever got to play on it was Darth Vader’s theme. (Laughs) I taught him Darth Vader’s theme."

We asked Flynn whether touring the world has become more difficult as his two sons have grown older. "In some ways yes and in some ways no," says Flynn. "I mean they’re starting to understand it a little better now. I think it was harder for them to understand when they were both about three. When they both turned three they went through a phase where they weren’t going to talk to me, and they didn’t talk to me for like two or three months while I was on the road."

He continues, "So every time I’d Skype them they wouldn’t talk to me and that was … that was rough man, that was a really rough thing to deal with. But on the flipside of it, I get to be home for long periods of time when I’m off tour and I get to be home for rehearsing stuff. For basically a year I was home for a long time, so that’s the flipside of it."

Stay tuned for Loudwire's full exclusive interview with Robb Flynn, in which he talks about the band's new album, 'Unto the Locust' and more.