As COVID-19 cases rise again, certain cities are making vaccination a requirement to enter establishments. Some artists are declaring that they refuse to play shows where attendees have to be vaccinated — one of which is Madball.

Madball are a hardcore group from New York, and they released a statement on their social media regarding their upcoming show at Irving Plaza on Aug. 14, which they've confirmed is still set to take place as scheduled.

Earlier this week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination will soon be required to enter all restaurants, fitness centers and indoor entertainment venues.

"That said, in light of the new rules that will be implemented in the city, this will likely be the last show we play here for a very long time. Sad to say. We truly respect whatever decisions people make with their bodies but we cannot in good conscience play shows that require personal/private medical information (like vaccination status) for entry," Madball wrote.

"We have a special set list we’re working on. This show will be bittersweet... let’s make it memorable!" they continued, adding that the Irving Plaza show will not require vaccination, as the New York City law will not go into effect until Sept. 13. In addition to personal vaccination cards, there are "vaccine passport" smartphone apps available that act as digital proof of vaccination.

See the post below.

If you're not attending Madball's NYC show, you can still catch them on the road in other cities. Check out their tour dates here.

Earlier this year, Madball were among a group of bands that performed at Tompkins Square in New York City before COVID-19 restrictions were lifted for parks. It was a free concert that had been 2,000 and 3,000 attendees, which was beyond the max capacity at the time.

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