Lamb of God have persevered through hardships few bands could have made it through. From Mark Morton and Randy Blythe throwing hands outside their tour bus, to the Czech trial that almost sent Blythe to prison for years (and bankrupted the band) Lamb of God have always been able to pick up the pieces and continue on.

Morton recently visited our studio to talk about his new solo album, Anesthetic. After chatting about his debut album, we asked the guitarist to explain how Lamb of God made it through such turbulent times.

“I think you just grow up, eventually,” Morton says. “We were adults living like children and drinking and all that stuff that goes along with it, real hard. That kind of lifestyle breeds that kind of turmoil. We survived it and we stayed consistent, we all gave each other room to make mistakes and to come back into the fold.”

The guitarist continues, “I’m gonna be writing music and playing music and playing guitar long after people stop listening. I always felt like I don’t really have much choice but to do it. I think we all feel that way, to a degree. It’s just what we do, man. We fight each other and go back up onstage and play a show. Fortunately, we’ve grown out of all that and now just go play the show. [laughs]”

Check out our interview with Mark Morton above and click here to pre-order a copy of Anesthetic.

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