Adam Darski, best known by his Behemoth alias Nergal, has a lavish history of issuing cinematic and deeply involved music videos. While the song hasn't remained the same as Me and That Man's gloomy folk rock, which is a vast departure from the empire-crumbling devastation of Behemoth, the theme remains the same: blasphemy.

Before "Magdalene" starts, the essence of the video is unveiled as a lingerie-decorated woman lies on her bed, moaning in ecstasy in unison with church bells as she looks on at a framed picture of Jesus Christ in front of the bed. The slow plodding of the song marches in while the blasphemy continues as the featured female whips herself, still looking onward at the Christian savior. As the video unfolds, the true identity of this woman is revealed, but you'll have to watch the full video to uncover the truth.

Nergal commented on his latest video, stating, “Well… let’s say Jesus walked this earth. Let’s say he really was a leader of a new founded sect. And look around… every guru, every charismatic leader, they were surrounded by many gorgeous women of which I’m sure they took advantage of. I bet Jesus was no different. But one day, like every other Casanova, he falls in love with one woman. Let’s say her name was… Magdalene. She’s resistant to his adoration, so he pulls out the strongest cards to prove his love and devotion for her. He changes water to wine, walks on the water… just to convince her. What’s the result of his attempts? Listen to the song and find out yourself."

The "Magdalene" video was directed by Zev Deans, who added, "Here I present to you a simple tale of religious devotion, by way of Marquis de Sade. This little morsel was lensed by fashion photographer Ryan Michael Kelly and it stars the salacious Nikki Delmonico. The band footage is a combination of the brilliant work of Grupa 13 and my own Kodak Super 8 footage, shot on location in Poland. I hope you enjoy!"

Despite Nergal's personal Satanic philosophy and ideologies about organized religion, the video comes with a disclaimer stating, "This video is for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the view of the artist."

The debut from Me and That Man, Songs of Love and Death, is out now and orders can be placed at this location. For more on the group, check out the music videos for "My Church Is Black" and "Ain't Much Loving."

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