If you’re not familiar with Iggy Pop’s pet cockatoo, you’re in for a treat. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is spending some his free time making his giant pink cockatoo a star… and it’s working.

The cockatoo, elegantly named Biggy Pop, has his own Instagram account that has over 56,000 followers. The account highlights the glamorous life of the bird, who lives with Iggy and his wife in Miami, with some musical videos and hilarious clips that will send you down the rabbit hole.

Pop’s latest post is a Halloween-themed clip over the Tijuana Panthers’ track “Creature.” The vid features some clever editing, special effects and a Chucky doll. Pop captioned the humorous clip with “To all the creatures out there, big and small… #HappyHalloween from the Pops...”

In another Halloween post, Iggy, his wife Nina are wearing Viking costumes and Biggy sports a Viking helmet.

Needless to say Biggy Pop is a tremendous fan of music, taking after his father . The bird has some serious moves and dances to “Iggy Pop” by Paris Williams, “Three Little Birds” from Bob Marley and Pop’s collaboration with Underworld, "Bells & Circles," in the clip below.

Pop’s feathered friend also celebrated the icon’s birthday back on April 21. The bird lets loose with more of his signature dance moves in the post that’s captioned, “Let’s hear it for this gem of a man, who I get to call my dad. Today is his birthday, woot woot!!”

Biggy Pop is a fan of all genres as he dances to hip-hop, synth rock and old school blues tunes, while walking up and down Iggy’s leg.

Finally, Biggy goes off in this clip featuring The Stooges’ classic “Search and Destroy.” The cockatoo is dancing on Pop’s shoulder and suddenly leaps off and flies around before landing on the top of the chair to show off some more dance moves.

Iggy Pop last took the stage at Cal Jam 18. Check out our review here.

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