Sludge-born Seattle weirdos Melvins are throwing it back to the earliest days once more, having bandied their 1983 lineup together for Working With God, their first new album together since issuing Tres Cabrones in 2013. "Caddy Daddy," the newest track and third single off the record, is a total crusher and can be heard below.

What's most exciting about the Melvins is that the band is genuine case of "expect the unexpected." They're constantly rotating in different members, both old and new, around the core that is King Buzzo and Dale Crover.

Here, Mike Dillard (who was originally in the band from 1983 to 1984) reclaims the drum stool as Crover moves back over to bass and the result is a crawling, primordial sludge jam that fits snugly against the sound heard across the band's first four records.

Read the lyrics to "Caddy Daddy" directly below and hear the song further down the page, where you'll find the album art and track listing for the 2021 album too.

The words sound the same to me
Top knot crying through history
I won't worry, it's not me
And you'll regret it
Some kind of god met on the way
House of death, loser
I promulgate lasting power
And now it's over

The idea is all
We were out of time
It's morally superior
Smile, and walk around

Becoming quiet, years alone
I can't help but wonder why
We were sorry, out of time
It is forever
Don't judge what he jokes about
Pictures and posters now
Booze and drugs, all around
And now it's gone

The idea is all
We were out of time
It's morally superior
Screwed up socially
The tongue of God
It's morally superior
Why would I want to
I can't help it
It's morally superior
It's morally superior
It's morally superior
It's morally superior

Working With God is set for a Feb. 26 release through Ipecac Recordings. That day will also the mark the limited vinyl reissue releases of Gluey Porch Treatments, the 1983 debut from the Melvins as well as 2002's Hostile Ambient Takeover. All pre-orders are available here.

Melvins, "Caddy Daddy"

Melvins, Working With God Album Art + Track Listing

Ipecac Recordings
Ipecac Recordings

01. "I Fuck Around"
02. "Negative No No"
03. "Bouncing Rick"
04. "Caddy Daddy"
05. "1 Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon"
06. "Brian The Horse-Faced Goon"
07. "Boy Mike"
08. "1 Fuck You"
09. "Fuck You"
10. "The Great Good Place"
11. "Hot Fish"
12. "Hund"
13. "Good Night Sweetheart"

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