Metal's latest supergroup has officially kicked off their career in an interview with 'Pyro' on Norway's NRK radio station. Temple of the Black Moon is comprised of Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth, Robb Caggiano of Anthrax, King ov Hell (Ov Hell, God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth), Enslaved guitarist Arve Isdal and former White Zombie drummer John Tempesta.

When asked by NRK about the inception of the band, Caggiano responded, "Years ago, I was in the U.K. working with Cradle of Filth on the 'Nymphetamine' record. And I think it was at the end of the session, I was just about to go back to New York, I decided to stay in London for a couple of days. And Gorgoroth was actually playing. So I went to the show, and that's when Tom and I met; it was back in 2005, I think. We got really drunk and we started talking about working on music together, doing something different."

Dani Filth also weighed in on the startup supergroup. "A lot of people have speculated, 'Wow, it's got a guy from Cradle of Filth, Anthrax and [Gorgoroth],'" remarked Filth. "It's got a real rock base to it; and I know it sounds strange [to say]. It's heavy, but it's not too extreme. It's not [all] blast beats or anything like that, although we do have a couple of songs a bit like that — really fast. But it's catchy."

Filth also described the significance of the new band's moniker. "The name Temple of the Black Moon represents the rigorous worship of desire, (the black moon astrologically has always held association with the dark Goddess Lilith) and of course the ramifications of the lunar eclipse, always a herald for death and ill-omen."

Along with parts of the discussion, the website Pyro has posted audio snippets of tracks that will appear on Temple of the Black Moon's forthcoming debut album. Check out the audio on Pyro's official website.