Mashups are tough, especially when you're trying to combine extreme metal with the theme of a beloved kids' movie. However, we've got ourselves a winner with this combination of Meshuggah's full 'obZen' album with the iconic theme to the film 'Space Jam' starring NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Did you know that there's a Reddit page dedicated exclusively to remixing the Quad City DJs' 'Space Jam' theme? It's true, and the 'Come on and Slam' subreddit has over 30,000 subscribers. With that many people wishing to be updated on who's mixing up 'Space Jam' at all times, there must be something to it.

There are plenty of great mashups available, but the metal champion is undoubtedly Meshuggah. The Swedish extreme metal band's music works so well with the 'Space Jam' theme that an entire album has been used instead of a single track. 'Space Jam' has been remixed and synced to fit with each of the nine tracks featured in Meshuggah's 'obZen'.

You can browse through the 'obZen' meets 'Space Jam' album in the player below (yeah, that's Charles Barkley's head in the player -- he was also in the film), but we personally recommend starting off with 'Bleed.' And for the record, if that version of 'Space Jam' was playing in the actual movie, the Monstars would have crushed Michael Jordan and his puny Tune Squad team.

Meshuggah Meets Space Jam