Even though we're approaching Thanksgiving break, the work week still seems a bit too long, doesn't it? No worries, we've got a brilliant time killer for you to waste endless hours on! Get ready to avoid all human contact and check out 'Kidman,' a djent-tastic Meshuggah-ized version of 'Pac-Man.'

Alright, so you're Meshuggah vocalist Jens Kidman and you're right in the middle of making a weird face. Suddenly, you find yourself trapped in a maze filled with guitar picks and pieces of eight-string guitars tuned down to god-knows-what. All you've got to do is eat all of the picks using your Jens Kidman head and you win!

The classic 'Pac-Man' theme has been thrown through a digital amp and given the Fredrik Thordendal treatment. After the game's countdown ends, your detached Kidman head eats up all the picks as you guide him through the maze. With each pick consumed, a dent guitar chug is heard, and as you gobble down a guitar piece, a sinister digital drone takes over as your Kidman head chases its enemy heads for extra points. Think of the guitar pieces as Pac-Man's fruit. Just don't get caught by your enemy heads, though while you're collecting your picks.

Simple enough, right? Now click here to start playing your day away with 'Kidman.'

[via MetalSucks]