We recently invited Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake to join us for Episode Two of the Loudwire Podcast, and were pleasantly surprised when he showed up with Orange Is the New Black actress Jessica Pimentel, who plays Maria Ruiz on the hit show. Along with talking all things metal, the duo opened up on their relationship, and you can get a preview of that portion of the upcoming podcast in the clip above.

Originally, we thought we’d only be speaking with Tomas on our podcast, but as diehard Orange Is the New Black fans, we were psyched when Jessica’s name was added to our guest list. But why were the talented twosome side-by-side while Haake promoted Meshuggah’s upcoming album? A quick stroll through Jessica’s Instagram lent a few hints, as did an article she wrote listing the Five Hottest Guys in Heavy Metal, where Tomas Haake was prominently listed.

When we sat down with Haake and Pimentel, the duo revealed they had been dating for almost two years. Pimentel is a lifelong metalhead who fronts her own band, Alekhine's Gun, and her love for heavy music brought her face to face with Haake. “[There were] absolutely no flirtatious vibes [at first]. Super gentleman and respectful and I appreciated that he spoke to me like an individual,” Pimentel said.

Haake was intrigued by Pimentel’s Buddhist practices once he began getting to know the future OITNB star. “I knew her before Orange Is the New Black and even the first year that show was out, I wasn’t really aware of the show or anything,” Haake admitted. “It was more common ground as far as the music we were interested in.”

When they started dating, the two noticed some eerie synchronicity between them right away. “The first time he came over, he laughed because all our things in our houses are in exactly the same places,” Jessica shared. Tomas lightheartedly added, “The first time we sat down on her couch, we both placed our left leg the exact same way on the right leg.”

Check out the exclusive clip above of Tomas Haake and Jessica Pimentel opening up about their relationship. Meshuggah's eighth album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, is due out Oct. 7, and can be pre-ordered here. You can also catch the band on tour this fall with High on Fire. See the dates here.

Meanwhile, Season Four of Orange Is the New Black is now available to binge exclusively on Netflix, plus you can catch Jessica fronting her band Alekhine's Gun on Aug. 27 at Revolution Bar & Music Hall on Aug. 27 in Amityville, N.Y.

Episode Two of the Loudwire Podcast (featuring entertainment’s most metal couple) will premiere Aug. 25 on our YouTube channel and iTunes.

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