It's hard to argue that there's ever been a better time than right now to be a Metallica fan. It is now free to join the band's fan club where they serve up exclusive information and content, giving the ones who have brought the thrash giants to where they are today a glimpse into the day-to-day happenings in the Metallica camp. They've played a show in Antarctica, offering a one-of-a-kind experience and remembered their roots when performing a hometown show in San Francisco, Calif. as part of 'The Night Before' event that preceded Super Bowl 50. Now, they put together over a half hour of footage from the event, detailing the soundcheck, onstage moments during the show and the meet and greet session that followed.

Fan club members were invited to take part in the soundcheck as esteemed music photographer Ross Halfin captured the magic behind the lens and continued to do so throughout the weekend as seen in the video above. The footage opens up with Lars Ulrich meeting with fans after the concert, signing memorabilia and chatting. We also get a unique perspective of the show as camera capture discussion between members while James Hetfield addresses the crowd. They decide to play a mid-tempo song, agreeing on "King Nothing."

The show featured five massive LED screens that interspersed between clips of the band and pre-planned footage to coincide with the set and everything in between. While playing "Master of Puppets," the screen shows members playing while the crosses that adorn the album cover are laid over the live footage. In the video, the band is seen hashing out the details of their brand new stage design, ensuring everything is as visually stunning as they had imagined.

Commenting on the snub for being tapped as the Super Bowl halftime act, for which the timing would have been perfect as the big game was held in Metallica's stomping grounds of San Francisco, James Hetfield acknowledged why the thrash act weren't chosen. “The fan base is really wide, but as far as playing halftime for the Super Bowl, I have a feeling that ship has passed," he said, adding, "We’re not a variety show. We’re not pop. We’re not sparkly and all that kind of stuff that I think seems to be what is needed for that.”

While Metallica continue to work on their new album, they'll be dialing back the clock as the metal world celebrates the 30th anniversary of Master of Puppets. A photo album, Metallica: Back to the Front, is being put together to commemorate the album and tour, compiling pictures from the band's archive as well the crew, tourmates and fan submissions with anecdotes. The thrash kings recently gave fans a sneak peak of what's to come by uploading a few sample pages from the forthcoming book.

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