As of today (Oct. 23), Robert Trujillo is 54 years old... and probably still cleaning off the last of the silly string he was engulfed in last night as his Metallica bandmates engaged in some onstage hijinks in celebration.

Sure, it wasn't his birthday quite yet, but with no gig tonight Metallica decided to pull the prank at last night's performance in Charlotte, North Carolina. The moment was captured on video, which Metallica then tweeted. Watch it below.

As the bassist came off the stage, he was ambushed by a legion of bandmates and crew members, all with cans of silly string at their disposal. Within seconds, he was a pink and white blob and sought sanctuary on the stage, but Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich showed no remorse and no repent.

Metallica's next stop on the "WorldWired" tour will be Oct. 27 in Buffalo, N.Y. and will wrap up for the year on Dec. 9 in Fresno, California. The North American tour leg will resume in January of the new year and will head back to Europe in May, this time with support from Ghost.

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