In a new Reddit thread, Metallica fans have begun to discuss what they most like and dislike about the group.

Metallica fans are a devoted bunch, but they're not entirely oblivious to the band having some faults. While there's plenty to like, the fans on this thread are offering some bad with the good.

What Did the Author of the Thread Suggest?

The author of the discussion was the first to offer an example of what they liked, commenting about the band's varied setlists. Meanwhile, the critique came with how mainstream the group's music has become.

I really like how Metallica changes up their setlist every time. The 72 Seasons tour might be a bit of an exception but they still alternate between songs unlike bands like Iron Maiden (which I love by the way) that keep the same setlist for an entire tour. Metallica have played some really rare tracks over the years and I appreciate that!

A thing I don't like about Metallica is how mainstream they've become. Compared to some other metal bands they're the "standard" band that a lot of people think about when thinking about metal music. That's something that always bothered me.

What Do the Commenters Like About Metallica?

As you might expect, much of the "like" comes from their music. One fan noted, "Their music has got me through some very rough times in life," while another added, "Every time i put some songs on my headphones or home setup, I still feel it like day one."

Others delved a little deeper in breaking down what they loved about the music, while one fan went into album specifics:

The creativity in the composition. They're not just technical like some other bands, they put really good ideas in their songs

Chuggy rhythm guitars, creative/unique drum parts, Lars taking charge despite being the least capable instrumentalist (someone had to do it), AJFA's oddball mix

I think that Metallica has the most groovy and catchy music in the thrash genre and arguably in metal in general and I think that's a big part of their fame. They knew how to let a groove ride out, thought I think that's a skill that they last after Load and Reload.

I love how Master of Puppets was able to return to a new generation to teach them what real face-melting music sounds like. I love putting on lulu along with Christopher Lee and Richard cheese at Christmas instead of those evil carols. I love their pushead art and t shirts. I love the tone on the black album like nothing else (matters haha).

What Else Do Metallica Fans Love?

The live show gets quite a bit of mention, whether it be the aforementioned setlists, the band making audio recordings available while not cracking down on bootleggers and being more about performance than activism. Plus, one fan shouted out James Hetfield for his openness and honesty with fans.

Love that James Hetfield isn't perfect and is usually honest about his struggles and such.

That for years you can buy an audio recording of the show you just saw and many more. While not cracking down on people who want to record it on their own.

Their live shows, it’s church to me. And, I don’t have to listen to an entertainer spew shit about their political beliefs.

I love their music and seeing them live is always an amazing experience. I love their dgaf attitude.

What Do the Commenters Dislike About Metallica?

While the music is for the most part beloved, the way the band sometimes does business rubbed a few fans the wrong way. In particular, one person noted the "KISSification" of Metallica in reference to how they've been one of the more prominent bands when it comes to branding. The "KISSification" comment was then picked up by several others within the thread as well.

While on branding, another fan pointed out the hypocrisy of James Hetfield's issues with alcohol and the band's involvement with their Blackened Whiskey and the message that sends.

Hate the KISS-ification of them, putting their name on everything, tons of merch and such, and that at times it just feels like a company named Metallica regarding everything representing the band outside of their albums & concerts.

What was mentioned above. The *KISSification" of the band. I like stuff like Blackened whiskey and the M81 cigars. But there does seem to be too much merch out there.

I'm having some cringe about the band's hypocresy when doing business. You have in your band a member who's struggled with alcohol along his entire life let's say, and you come out with the Blackened Whiskey, I think the message should be other, at least you can try to give another message to people who's having similar issues.

Others pointed out that while founding members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich have often taken the lead, they've done so while minimizing the input of Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted and Robert Trujillo after Newsted. This also falls in line with the oft-discussed issues over the bass mix on albums.

James and Lars running Metallica more like a business than a band and minimizing the input from Kirk/Jason/Rob

Doing Jason dirty, Signing up a badass player like Rob but essentially neutering him, Kirk is meh

That they're more of a duo than a band when it comes to songwriting. When Cliff died, collaboration seemed to as well.

The bass mixing in every album

That a band this huge can allow themselves to every once in a while put out an album the has the production quality of a turd.

The Metallica fanbase also takes some knocks as well, especially those who seem rooted in the '80s output alone and critiquing everything after.

The fans who don't think they've released a good song since 1989. If that's the case it's been over 30 years and you might want to get into other bands and maybe touch grass sometimes

The fans that complain Metallica’s “sold out.” They’ve been crying about selling out since Fade to Black was released on RTL. Get. A. Grip!

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