It's always great to see metal break into the mainstream. Metallica are among the world's Top 10 highest-earning artists of 2019, according to Forbes, landing at No. 10.

Forbes' report claims that Metallica earned $68.5 million in 2019. Entertainment industry publications such as Pollstar and Nielsen Music assisted with the findings, which took tour and music income into consideration, as well as other business endeavors.

Metallica are in company with exactly who you'd expect — Taylor Swift, who released the album Lover this past August; Kanye West, who has an expensive sneaker line; Ed Sheeran and more. The only other artist remotely related to Metallica, being a classic rock act, are the Eagles, who sit at No. 4.

Metallica did a good amount of touring throughout the year, but they're ranked pretty high for a group that haven't released a proper studio album since 2016. In addition to trekking around Europe, they performed two nights of their symphonic S&M2 show in San Francisco in September.

The party isn't stopping anytime yet, though. Metallica are booked to headline two nights at five of Danny Wimmer's rock festivals in 2020. Find tickets here.

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