Yesterday (Sept. 27) marked the 26th anniversary of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton's shocking death, prompting an outpouring of memories from fans -- as well as a tribute from his surviving bandmates.

Metallica posted its Burton remembrance on its Facebook page, offering fans a free download from its November 22, 1984 date on the 'Ride the Lightning' tour. Recorded in Toulouse, France, the 10-song set kicks off with 'The Four Horsemen' and rocks for nearly a solid hour, concluding with 'Metal Militia' -- and bearing only a couple of minor tape flaws, which is impressive for a recording that's nearly 30 years old.

As longtime fans are already well aware, Burton's life was cut short in 1986 during an early morning crash that occurred when the band's tour bus hit a patch of black ice on the road between gigs in Sweden.

While continuing to mourn the late bassist, fans can enjoy his work in this classic live set -- as well as the tunes in our list of the Top 10 Metallica songs of Burton's era. Turn up the volume and remember: