After seeing Metallica's high energy video for "Hardwired," would you have ever guessed that it was shot in a high school gym? That's just one of the things we learn as the cameras take us behind the scenes of the video shoot and show us exactly how the band captured their gritty, performance-based new clip.

In the video, we see how the crew quickly "black out" the San Rafael-based gym, leaving the band on a completely black stage with the only light set to come from a flash-bulb strobe light effect. Adding to the challenge of the shoot, the band was hoping to do the whole video in one take. And with the cameras on circular track surrounding their performance, everything was set. But the actual shoot took more than one take, with the band playing the track nine times in total before the desired look and lighting was captured.

According to a Metallica So What article, the band shot the clip on a Tuesday, with minimal post-work needed on Wednesday and was ready to present to the public by Thursday, making "Hardwired" the quickest turnaround ever for a Metallica video. From set-up to delivery, the video took 48 hours.

Watch it all play out in the behind-the-scenes video shoot for "Hardwired" above. And look for Metallica's Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct album arriving on Nov. 18.

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