Metallica have recorded and performed a bunch of covers over the years, paying tribute to New Wave of British Heavy Metal idols, punk influences and rock staples. Now, fans can add the Stooges' "TV Eye" to the list as the band tore into the proto-punk classic with the legendary Iggy Pop in Mexico City last night (March 5). Update: Metallica have posted pro-shot video of the performance (watch above).

Following the Kill 'Em All track "Seek and Destroy," Metallica left the stage only to come back out as the crowd cheered for an encore (setlist seen below). "Metallica has much respect for the man coming out here to sing a song with us. We're grateful that he's been able to be on this Mexico City tour with us. Please, show your sign of respect and love to Mr. Iggy Pop! Please come out here dude," exclaimed James Hetfield, welcoming the icon onstage for the second time that night as Iggy was the show's opening act.

Iggy, forever bare-chested, walked out in an open leather jacket and black jeans, taking hold of the mic stand, arching his back in the same fashion he has over the last nearly half century. Metallica also took a picture with Iggy backstage, which was shared on their Facebook page can be viewed below.

It was a night of a pair of firsts for Metallica as the Hardwired... To Self-Destruct track "Dream No More" (video below) made its live debut as well. "Now for something really heavy" introduced Hetfield as Lars Ulrich counted the band in on the hi-hat. The slow-burner came across with a menacing crunch onstage with Robert Trujillo and Hetfield sharing vocal duties.

Metallica revealed they'd be playing roughly 50 concerts a year and have an extensive summer run booked out for North America starting on May 10. The band enjoy a stadium tour, bringing  Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat and Gojira with them, each on select dates. Head to our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours to see all the stops before getting your Metallica tickets.

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