At 60 years old, Metallica's James Hetfield just got another neck tattoo, which was spotted on the second night of the band's record-setting weekend at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, where they set the single-show record for highest attendance.

While onstage on Friday (Aug. 25), Hetfield's neck was bereft of any permanent ink, as observed in-person by Loudwire and seen in the photo above. On Sunday (Aug. 27), however, a new tattoo on the right side of the frontman's neck was visible, bearing the words "Thy Will Not Mine Be Done."

View the photo further down the page.

The tattoo appears to be a faith-based reference and carries many interpretations, including personal submission to a higher power. A search of the phrase also turns up that it is one of several mantras mentioned in Daily Affirmations, a book published by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1990.

It should be noted that Hetfield, who has struggled with alcohol dependence and has received treatment in rehab facilities in the past, has never mentioned AA specifically as part of these treatments.

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Glimpses of Papa Het's new ink can be seen in the photo slideshows from Metallica's Instagram page below as well.

This shows that, no matter what your age is, you're never too old to do something new and bold!

Meanwhile, Metallica's M72 world tour in support of their new album, 72 Seasons, will pick back up this weekend with a pair of performances in Phoenix, Arizona, so be on the lookout for more photos of that new tattoo.

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