James Hetfield wants someone to create a microphone with built-in straws.

The Metallica frontman has suggested some innovations he'd like to see to make live music easier for himself and other musicians as they try to stay hydrated and move around the stage.

Speaking on the band's own podcast The Metallica Report, he said, "Being able to maybe sip some water while I’m playing, you know, some kind of straw on the microphone… That could be cool.”

The "Enter Sandman" rocker also feels a bit static as playing guitar and singing means he can't dart around the stage and interact with the audience.

He pondered, "I’m not holding the mic, I’m not able to go anywhere. So there [could be] mic stations everywhere. Our monitor guy [would have to] chase me around for all the mics, he can’t have them all open because it sounds insane, especially in an indoor stadium.”

One potential solution could be some kind of gear which automates the whole process.

He added, "If you’re wearing something and you’re within two feet of the microphone, turn it on, something like that. So it would make [the monitor’s job] a little easier and mine as well.”

Last year, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett insisted there are no egos in Metallica, and they are more proud of their work as a whole than being concerned with personal contributions.

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He told Guitar World magazine, "We just forget [who wrote what]! We'll be like, 'That's my riff... oh wait, is that my riff or someone else's that I've played so much I now think it's mine?!' Stuff like that is not a concern during the creative process. It's something we work out once all the smoke clears and we're done with them. Only then will I sit back and think, 'Oh yeah, I made some contributions on this album, that's nice!'"

He continued, "For me, it's not the beginning and the end of my vindication in this band. It doesn't come down to personal contribution, you know?"

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