One of the perks of staging your own event is having the ability to drop in on your favorite bands during the festivities, and that's exactly what Metallica's Kirk Hammett did at the inaugural Fear FestEvil horror and music event in San Francisco.

The first-year festival took place over the weekend with Hammett sitting in for performances with fellow Bay Area metal favorites Exodus and Death Angel. During the Friday night (Feb. 7) performance at the Regency Ballroom, Hammett re-joined his onetime band Exodus onstage. During the set, Hammett rocked out a version of 'Piranha' and a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's 'Godzilla' while the crowd went nuts. Hammett was an original member of Exodus before accepting the job to replace Dave Mustaine in Metallica in 1983.

The following night (Feb. 8), Hammett once again dropped in on the headliners, sharing the stage with Death Angel. During the performance, he sat in on covers of Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell' as well as Metallica's 'Trapped Under Ice.' Hammett has a history with Death Angel as well, as he produced their 1986 demo, 'Kill As One.'

Footage from both performances can be seen below, courtesy of The inaugural Fear FestEvil also featured performances by Carcass and Orchid.

Watch Kirk Hammett Perform With Exodus

Watch Kirk Hammett Perform with Death Angel

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