More details continue to trickle out about ‘Lulu,’ the forthcoming collaborative album between hard rock heroes Metallica and veteran rocker Lou Reed. Last week, the cover art for the disc was unveiled and a handful of additional song titles announced. And now, the complete track listing, song lengths and album sequence has been revealed.

The title of five more tunes -- ‘Brandenburg Gate,’ ‘The View,’ ‘Iced Honey,’ ‘Cheat on Me’ and ‘Dragon’ -- just appeared on the website, bringing the total number to 10.

Get ready to invest some serious time when you sit down with ‘Lulu,’ as the album has five tracks with a running time of over eight minutes, including the album closer, ‘Junior Dad,’ which comes in at just under 20 minutes. We don’t know quite what to make of the extended song lengths, only let’s just say we hope the guys haven’t been listening to much Phish.

‘Lulu’ is being co-produced by Reed and Metallica with assistance from Hal Willner, a longtime ‘Saturday Night Live’ music supervisor and producer of music and spoken work albums be the likes of beat novelist William S. Burroughs and Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, Marianne Faithfull. Greg Fidelman, himself a studio vet who worked on albums from Metallica, Audioslave, Jet and many others, is also assisting with production and handling mixing duties. 'Lulu' is due in stores Nov. 1.

'Lulu' Track Listing:

1. 'Brandenburg Gate' (4:19)
2. 'The View' (5:17)
3. 'Pumping Blood' (7:24)
4. 'Mistress Dread' (6:52)
5. 'Iced Honey' (4:36)
6. 'Cheat On Me' (11:26)
7. 'Frustration' (8:33)
8. 'Little Dog' (8:01)
9. 'Dragon' (11:08)
10. 'Junior Dad' (19:28)