This has been a week Metallica will definitely remember for quite some time to come. After receiving a whole lot of love at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods ceremony Thursday night in Los Angeles, the band headed back to the Bay Area on Friday (May 3) to join their local World Series-winning San Francisco Giants in some very special pre-game festivities.

The metal icons were saluted throughout the game with the Los Angeles Dodgers as the Giants presented "Metallica Day" at AT&T Park. The pre-game festivities included two parts, with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett taking the field to perform the National Anthem and drummer Lars Ulrich getting the opportunity to throw the first pitch.

Hetfield and Hammett brought their amps along, plugged in and proceeded to rock an electric and completely instrumental version of Francis Scott Key's classic, 'The Star Spangled Banner.' Both musicians were decked out in Giants jerseys, with Hetfield specifically sporting the orange "SF" Giants emblem on his guitar. Footage of their performance can be seen below.

As for Ulrich, he too enjoyed the pre-game fun trotting out to the mound. Ulrich actually took a step behind the rubber, stretched for a second then tossed in the first pitch on a fly to Giants reliever Sergio Romo. He was then greeted by Romo with a high five and a hug. Fan-shot video of the drummer's first pitch can also be seen below.

To get ready for the game, the band recently jammed with Giants pitcher Barry Zito at their Metallica HQ rehearsal space. Watch footage from the MLB produced feature here.

Metallica are picking their spots for appearances this year, with their second annual Orion Music + More Festival being their next major outing. The band has been working on a new 3D film that's due in September and they've begun slowly working through material for their next album.

Watch James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett Perform the National Anthem

Watch Lars Ulrich Throw Out the First Pitch at the San Francisco Giants Game