Here's another example of a metal song performed on non-metal instruments that still kicks ass. Normally these type of videos are DIY and live strictly on YouTube, but this version of Metallica's 'One' performed by a medieval folk group was actually broadcast on Belarus television.

On the 'Legends Live' program on Belarus' OHT channel, the group Stary Olsa took on Metallica's 'One' dressed in garb that'll inspire you to watch 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' for the hundredth time.

The quality of musicianship that Stary Olsa delivers is fantastic. The group has been together since 1999, and its veteran talent is obvious throughout this 'One' cover. Unfortunately, Stary Olsa cut the song short before 'One' kicks into high gear. We would have loved to hear the group's interpretation of "Darkness / Imprisoning me / All that I see / Absolute horror…" but we still give thanks for this golden clip.

Watch Stary Olsa bring a medieval twist to Metallica's 'One' above!

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