The Internet is in love with Meshuggah. They're the subject of so many quirky covers and memes. Here, Trollfest's Morten Müller covers classic songs by Metallica, Pantera and Alice in Chains all in the style of Sweden's polyrhythmic masters Meshuggah.

Müller has been at it for a while, gradually uploading various Meshuggah-styled covers to his YouTube channel Bog Studios. He's got plans to Meshuggah-ize every song from the first five Metallica albums and is currently working his way through Kill 'Em All, most recently releasing a pummeling take on "No Remorse," which can be heard below.

Pantera get the chugging makeover too, as if they weren't rhythmically devastating enough. We guarantee you've never heard a version of "Fucking Hostile" with such crushing effect. Well, other than the original — Dime still can't be beat.

Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising selection is Müller reworking Alice in Chains' Dirt classic "Them Bones." Without a handful iconic lyrics to help connect the dots, this cover would be completely unrecognizable as an Alice in Chains song, much less one of their biggest hits.

Take a listen to the Meshuggah-styled versions of "No Remorse," "Fucking Hostile" and "Them Bones" below and head to Müller's YouTube channel to check out more.

If you need some more Meshuggah ear candy, here's a version of "Straws Pulled at Random" where someone replaced all of the drum parts with samples of different types of candy and other sweets (soda tabs popping, wrappers crinkling, etc.).

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