The other shoe has fallen for Metallica. After the band struggled through a performance Friday in Copenhagen in which James Hetfield asked to shut things down early after admitting he didn't "sound good," the band has postponed Sunday's show (Feb. 5) at the venue allowing the ailing Hetfield to recover.

In a post to their Facebook page, the band stated, "We’re very disappointed to have to share with you that unfortunately as Saturday has progressed, James’ health, and specifically his throat, is not improving and he is under strict doctor’s orders to not sing one single note. So sadly we have to report that we will be postponing tomorrow’s show at the Royal Arena until Sept 2, 2017." See the full posting here.

Playing the first of multiple dates at the Royal Arena on Friday, Hetfield addressed the crowd, "It’s not fair to you guys, man. You paid a lot of money to come see your favorite band and we don’t sound good. I want to leave it up to you, man. Would you rather hear us sound better another time?"

After a low roar from the crowd, the frontman went on, "I love you too, I appreciate that. I want to stop, what do you say?" The arena responded with a loud cheers of "No!" Hetfield said, "Okay, you asked for it. I’ll keep doing my best, all right? I appreciate you guys so much man, thank you for supporting." The band powered through the 16-song set with a less than 100 percent Hetfield.

The band will honor tickets for the postponed show when they return in September, but they are also encouraging fans who traveled to Denmark to contact Ticketmaster Denmark to see if there are replacement tickets available for the Feb. 7 or 9 shows the band is still intending on playing at the venue. And for those unable to attend one of the other dates, refunds will be available through March 1.

In addition to the remaining shows in Denmark, Metallica are expected to return stateside soon for upcoming dates in Los Angeles for the Grammys and for the Citi Sound Vault show. The band offers that they are monitoring Hetfield's voice so fans that could possibly be affected for upcoming shows should stay tuned to their websites and social media.

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