In addition to the big stories we covered today, Wire-to-Wire provides you with some of the other key rock and metal news items from April 11, 2018:

- In advance of their The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-Revisited release this Friday, Metallica are now streaming their remastered cover of Budgie's "Crash Course in Brain Surgery." Take a listen here. The collection will be available in vinyl, CD and cassette formats.

- If you dig the masterful skills of Marty Friedman in a live setting, then prepare to get psyched, as the guitar great revealed that he will be recording a new live album in Mexico City on April 14. Get more details here.

- New York hardcore heroes Madball have announced a June 15 street date for their latest album For the Cause. "This record accurately defines the current state of our band...our sound, our state of mind, our ambitions, our flaws, and our attitude,” says vocalist Freddie Cricien. The album was co-produced by Rancid's Tim Armstrong and includes a guest turn by Body Count's Ice-T. “It‘s an honor to record with the legendary Madball." says Ice-T. "Body Count draws its closest similarities to NY Hardcore. This is a natural.” Get more details here.

- Dancer have dropped a brand new track from their upcoming EP, Hidden in Words. Take a listen to "Cold Crown," which ebbs between moody atmospheric verses and a more forceful chorus. The track is available via streaming and digital platforms. The Hidden in Words EP arrives May 18 and the band will celebrate with a May 24 release show at Arlene's Grocery in New York City. Stay tuned for more dates forthcoming.

- Seventh Wonder have announced an Oct. 12 street date for their latest album, Tiara. Bassist Andreas Blomqvist says, "Tiara is everything you have come to expect from Seventh Wonder, but I also hope there are some new flavors in there to keep it interesting ... We are super proud of this album and we are so much looking forward to sharing it with you." Take a listen to the new song "Victorious" here and you can pre-order the disc here.

- Time to get a prog metal fix. Soundscape are back with a new lyric video for their song "Insatiable." The reactivated band features Sacred Oath vocalist Rob Thorne and the clip can be viewed here.

- Gamers, get ready. "Double Kick Heroes" launches today for PC on Stream Early Access. With a face-melting metal soundtrack and a world inspired the films of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, this is an adventure worth taking as you travel the pavement wasteland with your "gundillac" laying waste to zombies and crushing them with metal. Watch a game play trailer here and get more info on the game here.

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