As has been reported, Metallica are in the studio working on their next album, but bassist Robert Trujillo revealed in an interview with the Talk Is Jericho podcast it's still "gonna be a while" before the disc arrives.

He told Chris Jericho, "We're having a great time. It feels great. We're still working. It's gonna be a little while. Everyone's gotta be patient, but it's coming and that's the beautiful thing, you know."

While Trujillo is promoting his Jaco documentary, he revealed to Jericho that he's on call and meets up with the rest of the band when the inspiration strikes for studio sessions, and it's the jamming during those sessions that will ultimately lead to what the album will be.

"Basically you take it a step at a time and you jam through it. You jam it and you get the right feel," says Trujillo. "It's all centered around the jam and that's where the magic comes from."

Speaking about how his role has evolved from the time he joined Metallica, he explained, "When I first joined the band, they really had a lot of respect for me. I had obviously done this before many times in my past and my pedigree was pretty strong in who I worked with so they trust me. And that trust, you know, you trust your brothers as musicians and your band and what you're gonna do and then you work together. If something doesn't click, you say it on all fronts, whether it's a drum part or guitar or whatever. That's how it is. You're a team."

The group is currently holed up with producer Greg Fidelman in the studio and as has been stated, a definitive release date has not been announced.

Hear more of Trujillo's conversation with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast via Podcast One in the player below.

Hear Metallica's Robert Trujillo on the Talk Is Jericho Podcast (via Podcast One)

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