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Metallica seem to be everywhere these days, including your local grocery store. The metal legends were recently caught on film at a supermarket singing “Enter Sandman” with a dude at the deli counter.

Why shouldn’t Metallica be living it up? Hardwired… to Self-Destruct debuted at No. 1 in the U.S. and dozens of other countries. The entire band just stole the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live! by performing multiple songs, sitting down for an interview and smashing a superfan in Metallica trivia. It looks like Metallica’s penchant for games didn’t stop there, since the thrash legends took some singalong to the store.

TMZ managed to get some footage of Metallica, which looks like it’ll be part of an episode of truTV’s Billy on the Street. Along with host Billy Eichner, Metallica took a stereo to the supermarket and blasted “Enter Sandman” to see who would throw up their devil horns. Turns out a massive Metallica fan was working behind the deli counter that day, and once he got a listen of “Enter Sandman,” he couldn’t hold back. Taking lead vocals, deli guy nearly destroyed his own work space while rocking out.

Check out the footage above and look out for the segment on a potential new episode of Billy on the Street.

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