Happy Birthday to Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo! The dude hasn't lost a step in terms of technique and energy, and Trujillo has just turned 49 years old. How many 49-year-olds do you know who can thrash like Rob?! To celebrate the bassist's birthday, our Video of the Day is Metallica's performance of 'The Day That Never Comes' from the band's 'Quebec Magnetic' DVD.

Rob Trujillo boasts one of rock and metal's most impressive resumes. Having first gained prominence with Suicidal Tendencies in the late '80s, Trujillo went on to man the low-end for Ozzy Osbourne, Infectious Grooves, Black Label Society, Jerry Cantrell, Glenn Tipton and Mass Mental?. Obviously, Trujillo is also a member of Metallica, making his debut in the band's 'Some Kind of Monster' documentary. Although Trujillo was recruited during Metallica's 'St. Anger' sessions, he did not play on the record.

'Death Magnetic' was Trujillo's first full-length recording with Metallica. Whether or not Trujillo's influence made a notable influence, 'Death Magnetic' was received with much more acclaim than 'St. Anger.' One of the signature songs off 'Death Magnetic' is 'The Day That Never Comes' -- a ballad which has become a modern-day fan favorite. Trujillo's bass line during the track's verse is essential in keeping the part tight, allowing for a bit of depth underneath the section's hypnotic lead. Trujillo continues to remain flawless and dynamic throughout the piece, which can be easily seen and heard in this footage from 'Quebec Magnetic.'

Check out the arena-shot footage in the video above and join us in wishing Rob Trujillo a happy 49th birthday.