Yes, there are plenty of laughs in Metallica's new 'This Is SportsCenter' commercial, but what's equally as funny are the moments that didn't make the spot. A new blooper reel from Metallica's commercial shoot has appeared online, making us dig the band's lighter side even more.

You get to see three different takes of James Hetfield reacting to Lars Ulrich telling him that Coach K is not interested in a theme song, with our favorite being that Hetfield suggests they just go follow early-era ESPN anchor Bob Ley around the office … again.

Scott Van Pelt also shoots alternate takes with the band, claiming that the music they've created "is a little bit aggressive" for golf. And Kirk Hammett and Stuart Scott have their difficulties getting through the end scene where Scott spits his gum into a tab from Hammett's guitar lessons ad.

The full blooper reel can be seen above, while the original spot can be found at this location. And while the commercial spoofs the idea that Metallica have very little to do after Mariano Rivera's retirement from baseball, the reality couldn't be further from the truth. The group continues to play major festivals with plans to record a new album.

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