The acrimonious split between Queensryche and their former frontman Geoff Tate is well-documented and something that all parties involved are glad to have in the rearview mirror. In an ironic twist of fate, both Queensryche and Tate’s new band Operation: Mindcrime will be releasing new albums two weeks apart.

Tate will get the jump on his former band when Operation: Mindcrime releases The Key on Sept. 18, while Queensryche releases their Condition Human album on Oct. 2. We recently spoke with Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton, who opened up about the band's split with Tate, the timing of the albums and more.

Wilton said that his band is well aware of the timing of both releases. "Yeah, it’s come to the attention of everybody,” Wilton told us in an exclusive interview. “The excitement here is with Queensryche. That’s what’s on my playlist, that’s what everyone wants to hear and that’s what we’re all working on. The record company is really strong and totally behind this album, so that’s kinda where my head’s at.”

The guitarist also recalled the tumultuous split with Tate: “Well I mean, it was kind of a chaotic time definitely and sometimes your head is not fully into what you’re doing just because you have that looming darkness of uncertainty in the background. You know, now that the agreement happened and we’re all pleased with the outcome."

Wilton added, “So on ‘Condition Human’ we just had more time and less distractions basically, so yeah it’s quite a big release that that’s all gone and Queensryche is moving on and we’re rebuilding all around the world. The fans are coming back and it’s kind of a rebirth for Queensryche. There are a lot of opportunities out there for us and we’re just keep forging on, you know the Queensryche machine is gonna keep pummeling through every country we can.”

He also shared that fans are returning in droves. “You get people that haven’t seen the band since the ‘Promised Land’ tour and you get people that haven’t seen the band since the first ‘Mindcrime ‘tour and you know there going, ‘We thought you disappeared? Did you put out any other albums? (laughs).’” Wilton Concluded, “It’s an never-ending situation that we’re meeting and now people are bringing their kids and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, so glad your back.”

Queensryche will release Condition Human on Oct. 2, via Century Media Records. Fans can preorder the effort in various bundles here. The band will kick off a tour with The Scorpions on Sept. 10 in Boston, Mass. Click here for all their tour dates.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Michael Wilton.

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