Ministry's new single '99%' is a pro-Occupy Wall Street anthem that should bellow at all Occupy gatherings across the nation and the world from this day forward.

Ministry guru Al Jourgensen specifically created a unifying song designed to get blood coursing through the veins of Occupiers while they pump their firts as they try to enact some social change. But even if you are a hard rock fan who doesn't give a s--- about the Occupy movement, the song won't alienate you with rhetoric, either. It's a terrific, two-fold song: one that fires up protesters, all the while reminding the world that Ministry are indeed back and raring to go. They will release 'Relapse' in the new year.

The song is noisy, aggressive and has a numeric call to arms woven throughout. It's like Ministry never broke up and went away for a several year period. Jourgensen sounds like he drank Draino and spewed it all over the mic while recording. That's how venomously he roars his words. We're happy to report that he's not dulled or softened with age and an absence from making music as Ministry.

The band will stream the song on their Facebook page tomorrow, so it's like a naughty sonic treat for fans. You can nab it on iTunes, as well.