Ministry legend Al Jourgensen has long been outspoken in the political spectrum. Perhaps no metal musician railed harder against George W. Bush during his two terms in office than the vocalist, and now Jourgensen has set his sights on Donald Trump.

The anti-Bush years of Ministry defined the modern era of the industrial band’s career. Uncle Al let his rage off the leash with Houses of the Molé in 2004, Rio Grande Blood in 2006 and The Last Sucker in 2007. “They have a lack of intellectual curiosity or seeing the complexity of world issues,” Jourgensen recently told Cleveland Scene about Republican politicians. “It’s all black and white and all about big money donors. The intelligence level is low. Reagan could get away with it because Reagan was an actor. Bush couldn’t get away with it because he was just a dolt.”

Jourgensen adds that what scares him more than Donald Trump is the Trump supporters, who may be a focal point of Ministry’s next album. “After three albums of Bush, I’ll let some of the younger groups take the low-hanging fruit, which would be Trump,” Jourgensen says. “I would rather sing about the sociological conditions that have gotten an entire country to vote for such a dolt. I’m not going to be bashing Trump. I’ll probably be bashing his supporters in the lyrics to the next Ministry album. It will be more so about that than Trump.”

Jourgensen has hinted that he may be taking part in the Republican National Convention protest alongside Tom Morello and Jello Biafra. “I’m sure there will be some non-violent activities going on to voice our displeasure,” Al hints. “I can’t pinpoint anything yet. Keep your Twitter ears open.”

Jourgensen's latest project, Surgical Meth Machine, released its debut album earlier this year. Check out the full interview with Uncle Al at

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