Ministry's 13th studio album, 'From Beer to Eternity,' is drawing ever closer to a worldwide release. Fans of Al Jourgensen's revolutionary industrial project have already been given access to the album's first single, 'PermaWar,' and now, along with our friends at Noisecreep, we're giving you the exclusive premiere of the 'PermaWar' music video!

Ministry's new clip is a psychedelic statement on America's litany of war, and to further drive in the points Jourgensen offers within the track, the 'PermaWar' video includes a menagerie of wartime atrocities. The video, which prominently features Jourgensen in the foreground, forces the viewer to face the grizzly realities of international battle.

The 'PermaWar' video compiles provocative news images culled from World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, tied together with vivid memories of a bad acid trip. Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen portrays three different personalities in 'PermaWar,' taking the form of three different points of view on America's repetition and persistence of war: the corrupt political leader, the predatory business man and possibly most dangerous of all, the passive observer.

The music video was shot at Jourgensen's 13th Planet compound in El Paso, Texas, and was produced by Angelina Lukacin-Jourgensen and directed by filmmaker/animator Zach Passero, whose credits include Ministry's 'Lieslieslies,' 'GhoulDiggers' and '99 Percenters,' Revolting Cocks' 'Fire Engine' and the feature film 'Wicked Lake.'

Check out the new video for Ministry's 'PermaWar' in the player above and get ready for 'From Beer to Eternity' to punch your face off on Sept. 10. The digital single for 'PermaWar' can be purchased at iTunes, while the album, 'From Beer to Eternity,' can be pre-ordered at Amazon.