As expected, Al Jourgensen entered rehab for alcohol abuse yesterday (Feb. 3). But what was unexpected was that he entered rehab with a .33 blood-alcohol level! On his personal Facebook page, the Ministry mastermind shared a slew of colorful posts the day before his stint in rehab began, tackling subjects such as Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl + more.

Uncle Al has struggled with substance abuse for the great majority of his career. Jourgensen kicked hard drugs a while ago, but he hasn't been able to give up alcohol just yet. A few weeks ago, Jourgensen revealed that he'd be checking into rehab, but was going to wait a bit so he could "get s--tfaced watching the Super Bowl on the 2nd." Jourgensen did just that (although he ended up watching the Kitten Bowl instead), and managed to check into rehab with a 0.33 blood alcohol level. For those unfamiliar with the numbers, 0.33 is over four-times the legal limit to drive and is considered to be potentially fatal.

On Super Bowl day, Jourgensen posted a bunch of Facebook updates, which include:


Finally, Al's Facebook page was taken over by the Ministry's musician's wife, Angie. She posted about her husband's trip to rehab and his current state:


Good luck, Al! We hope to hear from you again in about 30 days!

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