With the news of My Chemical Romance’s reunion, we wanted to celebrate by putting together a Loud List of unforgettable moments from the kings of emo.

Speaking of emo, is the term a dirty word for the band? During an Australian interview with Mikey Way and Ray Toro, the bassist addressed the polarizing term. “It doesn’t bother me anymore. Everyone gets bent about it. I don’t care, call it what you want. Everybody’s allowed their opinion. If they want to call us R&B, they could.”

A difficult period in the band’s career was frontman Gerard Way’s struggle with sobriety. “I’ve been suicidal a couple times in my life… not this bad,” he recalls. “To the point where you start thinking about it as an escape route. That’s when it gets serious. That was where booze and pills had gotten. I’m just glad I got over the fact that I felt like I needed it to be in this band, especially a band called My Chemical Romance.”

My Chem really suffered for their art during the “Famous Last Works” video shoot. During a fire stunt, drummer Bob Bryar received second and third degree burns after his drum kit was set ablaze. The serious burns eventually festered into gangrene, which isn’t exactly ideal for a drummer.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable My Chemical Romance Moments in the Loud List above.

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