A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost has revealed a mysterious piece of the cult band’s history. In a new interview with Merkur, an original ghoul said Ghost has experienced a total of 10 lineup changes since forming in 2008.

Earlier this year, rumor started to spread that the entire band except the man who plays Papa Emeritus had been replaced. Soon after, Martin Persner became the first musician in Ghost to publicly reveal his identity, stating he had parted ways from Ghost in July 2016 and was moving on as a member of Magna Carta Cartel.

When speaking about anonymity potentially being an issue for musicians in a beloved band, the ghoul stated, “This is actually a problem with this project. For many musicians this is not satisfactory. That is why we had many changes. Ten in the meantime. On the other hand, one can get out of one's own artist's role and look a little more objectively. You never see yourself as the others see you. And you always see only how you want to be. This is a problem for many.”

The ghoul added, “I’ve created the whole project. I've been working for six years, composing, designing stage shows, giving interviews. I feel recognized. This is more difficult for others.”

Ghost are currently prepping their fourth studio album, Drenched in Death, for an August release. Along with the new album, fans are anticipating the arrival of Papa Emeritus IV, as Papa III has been relieved of his duties.

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