Following the news that both Texas and Mississippi will lift their mask mandates and allow businesses to operate at full capacity again, we have another update for the COVID-19 restrictions in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo has allowed for music venues to operate at a limited capacity starting in April.

Cuomo gave a statement earlier today (March 3) that entertainment and arts venues can open and operate at 33 percent capacity, effective April 2 [via the New York Times]. Indoor events will be allowed to host a maximum of 100 people, and 150 if the venue gives COVID-19 tests to all guests. Outdoor events are allowed to have 200 attendees, and that cap is bumped to 500 if COVID-19 tests are administered to everyone.

However, some locations will not deem it financially worth it to hold events with such a low capacity. “Even 50 percent would be rough for us,” said Michael Swier, owner of the Bowery Ballroom and Mercury Lounge.

Last month, Cuomo also gave stadiums and arenas in New York the okay to open with a 10 percent capacity limit, with other COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing practices still in place.

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