Fans of Black Sabbath, you've got to check out this newly unearthed footage of the heavy metal architects performing live in 1970. Filmed at two locations, this clip shows Black Sabbath playing 'War Pigs' to a crowd full of hippies before Sabbath run into a boxing ring to jam 'Iron Man'.

Over at Gear Gods, the site breaks down the technical side behind Black Sabbath's audio setup, but you don't need to be an expert in mics to appreciate Sabbath's sound.

Sonically, what sticks out is how raw Black Sabbath sounds. Placed on a strangely high stage, Black Sabbath perform a rendition of 'War Pigs' spotlit by the voice of Ozzy Osbourne, which is flawless in the 1970 clip. The footage also reminds us of how powerful the drumming of Bill Ward was back in the early days of Black Sabbath. Beyond the sound of Sabbath's awesome open air gig, we're treated to an hysterical scene of hippies either laying down, dancing calmly or simply ignoring the metal icons.

As for 'Iron Man', Black Sabbath perform the song between the ropes of a boxing ring. Once again, the prowess of the entire band is on display. Black Sabbath is all about raw power, and if you weren't around to see Sabbath in their early days, this clip is a must-see.

Check out this 1970 footage of Black Sabbath above!

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