Newsted are digging deeper into their 'Heavy Metal Music' album, with '… As the Crow Flies' being chosen as the next single. The group recently completed a video for the track and Loudwire is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of the clip.

The Leon Melas-directed video is shot for the most part in black and white with a greenish tint, with a few color shots thrown in for good measure. The action is primarily focused on the band's performance, though Jason Newsted is shown walking a darkened street at night with a railroad crossing in the background as he sings directly to the camera.

As far as the performance, fans should be happy to get up close as Newsted, Jessie Farnsworth, Mike Mushok and Jesus Mendez Jr. play their instruments. The fretwork takes the visual focus once the guitar solo kicks in, while Melas later adds some shaking camera shots to magnify the intensity of the performance as each of the members rock out.

As previously mentioned, '… As the Crow Flies' is featured on Newsted's well-received debut disc, 'Heavy Metal Music.' Those wishing to pick up the album can do so via iTunes. Newsted are heading to Australia at the end of the month to promote the disc as part of the traveling Soundwave Festival. Dates are below.

Newsted 2014 Tour Dates

2/22 -- Soundwave Festival -- Brisbane, AUS
2/23 -- Soundwave Festival -- Sydney, AUS
2/25 -- Sidewaves 2014 w/ Testament -- Melbourne, AUS
2/26 -- Sidewaves 2014 w/ Testament -- Sydney, AUS
2/28 -- Soundwave Festival -- Melbourne, AUS
3/1 -- Soundwave Festival -- Adelaide, AUS
3/3 -- Soundwave Festival -- Perth, AUS
3/6 -- Singapore Rock Festival -- Singapore