Adrian Patrick of the band Otherwise has signed on to make his weekly NFL picks for Loudwire. Every Thursday, Adrian checks the odds and lets you know which teams he thinks will beat the spread. Check out his second week’s picks below:

Hey guys, last week was a lot of fun, being my debut in the world of sports picks! Now I know some of you were thinking that I shouldn’t quit my day job, so this week I’ve consulted with one of my oldest cohorts, Las Vegas gambling legend Bobby Khash! My boy Lil’ Rob not only manages one of the hottest sports books in Sin City, but also moonlights as a betting advisor to the rich and famous … so I think we’re in good hands! Here’s what we came up with for week two ...

Thursday night:

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

With all of the craziness surrounding The Ravens right now regarding the termination of Ray Rice’s contract and its fallout, I have a hard time believing that Baltimore will be buzzing and ready to go as they face one of their biggest rivals. The Steelers, on the other hand, are not the Steelers of old but have enough fire power to win this duel. Some of my extended family were a little upset that I bet against them last week, but Pittsburgh proved me wrong … the Steelers will always have a spiritual soft spot in my heart!

The pick: Pittsburgh +2.5


Detroit Lions vs. Carolina Panthers

The first game up is the Lions vs. the Panthers. The Lions looked sharp against a beat up Giants team and are literally a one man show with Calvin “Megatron” Johnson doing most of the heavy lifting. While the Lions have a pretty good defensive line, I don’t think they will be able to go into Carolina and beat a Panthers team charged up with the season debut of Cam Newton. I see the Carolina offense being way too much for the Lions to handle and I see Cam Newton having a huge game.

The Pick: Panthers are the play here. -2.5

Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

Next up we have the Dolphins and the Bills. Both teams are coming off big wins, but how much stock we put in either victory should be tempered by realistic expectations of both teams and what they’re capable of. The Bills beat a tough Bears team and looked good in the process. However, the Bills will need to play mistake free football to get the W in Miami. The Dolphins on the other hand took a very dangerous Patriots team to task. The Dolphins always play good defense but there are holes and questions on the O. With that said, I still see the Fish coming out victorious in this one.

The pick: Dolphins -1.

Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

In the next match up we have a battle of the inconsequential: The Redskins and the Jaguars. Someone wake me up when it’s over. This game has all the makings to be one of the uglier ones of the weekend. Neither team really has anything put together on the field and besides a few bright spots, there isn’t much to crow about.

The Pick: I’m going to go with the Jaguars +6.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans

Next up we have the Cowboys vs. the Titans. This is an intriguing game from a wagering perspective. The Cowboys have all the tools but it seems like they just don’t have the tool box to put them in. In other words, they play stupid. Tony Romo has the football IQ of a Statue (I mean, the dude dated Jessica Simpson... c’mon, man!). He is the last guy I want to put my money on when the chips are down. On the flipside, the Titans are a heavily underrated team. This is a team that is very well balanced on offense and a team that can pin their ears back to get after the QB. The Titans went into KC last weekend and put a hurting on a very good Chiefs team. Jamaal Charles was a non factor in the game and if the Titans play defense like that again against the Cowboys, it will be a long day for Romo and company.

The Pick: Titans -3.5.

New York Giants vs. Arizona Cardinals

In our next play, we have a reeling Giants team (who looked abysmal in the season opener) against the Cardinals (who finished a nice comeback against the snake bitten chargers on the back end of the Monday night double header). Both teams are eagerly after the W, but the Giants really need to right the ship early this year, as opposed to going 0-6 like last year. An early win is crucial and I think this is their spot. Carson Palmer has a propensity to try and force the long ball and if the Giants are patient, they will able to capitalize on those errors. But the Giants have their own issues behind center, it appears. Eli Manning is not the same QB he was just a few years ago. He forces balls, makes bad reads and has the mobility of a man with one leg. With that said, I think the Giants get it together and stifle the Cardinals on defense to pick up the Victory.

The Pick: Giants – 1

New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Patriots and Vikings is an interesting game. The Vikings looked like wife beaters against a sorrowful Rams team with a subpar quarterback and questionable defense. Not to take anything away from the Vikings and their victory, but the Patriots aren’t the Rams. The Patriots will be looking for blood after getting hammered by division rival Miami and if history tells the story, Tom Brady has a knack for making people pay after the Patriots lose. Make no mistake, there are questions about the Patriots defense and their ability to protect Brady, especially after the Logan Mankins move. When all the factors are taken into account though, you have to bank on Tom Terrific living up his name and lighting up the Vikings’ secondary.

The Pick: Patriots – 3.5

New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns

The Saints and the Browns is a matchup that I find very, very interesting. The Browns played their heart out against the Steelers but came up short. The same thing can be said of the Saints. I think the Browns are much improved this year but not having their big play guy in Josh Gordon certainly hurts Hoyer. Without a game breaker, Terrance West will have to perform again at RB. He gained 100 yards last week and if he can keep up that pace the Browns have a chance to stay competitive. The Saints on the other hand found themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard against division rival Atlanta. This was a back and forth affair and the Saints are always a dangerous team, no matter the situation. With Drew Brees behind center, you always have a chance to win. The Saints are going to need more production from Ingram in the trenches in this one. While Ingram was effective, he didn’t take over the game. A lot of that had to do with the run and gun style both teams were playing, but against the Browns this will be a different story and a different kind of game. Add that to the fact that it’s an outdoor game and you have the makings of a close one.

The Pick: I’m going to go with the Browns +6 at home.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Next up we have the Falcons and Bengals. Both teams notched victories on opening weekend and both should be looking to keep that train rolling. They both looked strong on both sides of the ball. These teams a very evenly matched and I think the spread is a bit off. With the momentum gained by beating the Ravens, you have to believe that the Bengals will have a good week of workouts and come in fresh and ready to go. The Falcons are in a similar situation after beating their rival the Saints. Matty Ice lit the Saints up to the tune of 438 yards and 3 TDs. Look for that to keep going in this game.

The Pick: Falcons + 5.

St. Louis Rams vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Rams and the Bucs will engage in a battle of “who cares” on Sunday. Both teams are certainly on the outside looking in when discussing playoff hopes and I expect a sloppy game come Sunday. The Bucs defense should do enough to make life miserable for the hapless Rams and I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Rams get blown out in this one.

The Pick: Bucs – 4.5

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Diego Chargers

We have the defending Champions flying high into San Diego after a complete smashing of the Packers in the opening game of the season. The Seahawks looked crisp on both sides of the ball and showed the moxie that carried them to the Championship last year. With the way they are playing and the pathetic way the Chargers handle themselves in close games and tight situations, this one might get ugly and fast.

The Pick: Seahawks -5.

Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans

The Raiders and the Texans is another game that really isn’t garnering much interest from the betting community. There are too many unanswered questions with both squads but the Raiders certainly have more holes to fill. Add to the fact that Houston has legit playmakers in the backfield (Arian Foster) and at WR (Andre Johnson) and you have a recipe for disaster. The Texans should exploit a soft Raiders team and cruise to a W.

The Pick: Texans – 2.5

New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers

The Jets roll into Lambeau with a 1-0 record and a bit of swagger. Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory make a very dangerous combo in Gang Green’s backfield and with Geno Smith making better decisions, the Jets are trending upwards. Not only did they look good on offense their defense is staunch. The front 7 is one of the best in football but there are questions in the secondary. If the Jets can get healthy at CB they are going to be a tough outing for anyone. The Packers are coming off a complete whipping laid on them by the defending champs. You have to think that the Packers, who play with as much pride as anyone, are going to be looking to take out their frustration on the Jets. At home you have to like the Packers chances of winning the game but 9 points is going to be a hard nut to crack against a much improved Jets team.

The Pick: Jets +9.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos

In our next game we have a huge AFC west match up. The Chiefs are coming off a huge loss at home to the Titans and they had a lot of holes exposed. I think they just caught lightning in a bottle last year and now they have come crashing back down to earth. I have serious questions about Alex Smith and when I’m not comfortable with a guy who calls the plays, how can I wager on that team? That being said, 13 points is a lot of points in an NFL game. The Broncos are coming off a nice victory against a tough Colts team and you know that Peyton will have the boys ready to go and keep things rolling. It’s always crucial early in the season to win conference games and while I’m a huge fan of Peyton Manning, I don’t think they beat the Chiefs by two TD’s.

The Pick: Chiefs + 13.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears

The 49ers are a good football team. Inside and out these guys can play. They are hard nose defenders, they have weapons on offense and their coaching staff is second to none. If the 9ers continue to play disciplined ball, the sky is the limit for them. This is a tough spot for the Bears. Coming off a huge loss to the Bills, they are already backed into a corner. They have to win this game or they could be facing a serious uphill climb to get back into contention for the playoffs. Even though it’s early, this is the NFL. Every game is huge. The Bears have a lot of offensive weapons but they mean little if they can’t keep Jay Cutler upright. Cutler has to carry the Bears with good decisions and looking over his body of work, he has had a problem with mental lapses in his career.

The Pick: 49ers – 7 has to be the play here.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Eagles and the Colts is an intriguing match up to wrap up week 2. The Eagles have an offense that would make Oregon jealous and the Colts can score quickly as well. I see this being a high scoring affair with both teams letting it all hang out in their primetime spot. The Eagles were down early against the Jags last week but mounted a serious comeback behind a good balance of running and passing. When the Eagles get you guessing you are in big trouble. For the Colts, they got down early in their game against the Broncos but almost came back to make it interesting. Andrew Luck is the kind of quarterback who can light your defense up with a quickness and the Eagles have shown a weakness in their defensive backfield at times. With this game being in the dome and the Colts fans going wild, it will be a tough nut to crack for the Eagles but I think they hang on in a close game and get the road win.

The Pick: Eagles + 3.

That wraps up week two. Make sure you check back in next week for all the action of week 3!

Our thanks to Adrian Patrick for making his weekly picks. Otherwise are set to release their new album, ‘Peace At All Costs,’ on Sept. 16. The disc is available for pre-order at iTunes. Check out the first single, ‘Darker Side of the Moon,’ below, and check out the band’s tour dates here.