Adrian Patrick of the band Otherwise has signed on to make his weekly NFL picks for Loudwire. Every Thursday, Adrian checks the odds and lets you know which teams he thinks will beat the spread. Check out his Week 4 picks below:

Checking in once again with Sin City’s favorite handicapper, Bobby Khash …

New York Giants at Washington Redskins

The Thursday night game brings us a rivalry renewed. The NFC East has long been known for the vicious battles waged between the teams residing on the eastern seaboard. This night should be no different. Both teams have a lot on the line early in the season and the Giants need to win this game to avoid a serious hole. The Redskins, while playing well without RG3, still haven't been able to get over the hump. The crowd and Cousins play a big role in this one.

The Pick: Redskins -3.5 is the play here.

Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders

Could the Raiders get their first win of the season when they take on the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in England? Could it possibly happen? Don't get your hopes up. The Raiders are bad. The Dolphins aren't very good, but they have enough on both sides of the ball to beat the Raiders. The public is slightly shaded to the Raiders in this one but that just strengthens my opinion and hastens me to go the other way.

The Pick: Dolphins - 4.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

The black and blue division gives us our first taste of Bears and Packers of the season. Who doesn't have fond memories of these games? Two legendary franchises clashing on the gridiron for our enjoyment. This one should be a doozy. The Bears have so much talent it's sick and the emergence of several young players on the defensive side of the rock is very encouraging for the Monsters of the Midway. The Packers have had some issues this season and the frustration is mounting in Cheese-ville. They are in a must-win situation here but I don't think they get it done. The Bears and their air attack are too much for the Discount Double Check and the Cheese heads.

The Pick: Bears + 1.5

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

The Bills and Texans will get together for a clash of AFC foes. The Bills have had their moments this season as have the Texans and they've both looked downright bad at times as well. The Texans are uncertain about the status of Arian Foster so that is something that must certainly be taken into account. Ryan Fitzpatrick has the revenge factor on his side as well considering all the time he spent at the helm for the Bills. Will he attempt to force the ball as he is so prone to do though? I think he'll make mistakes and the Bills will capitalize.

The Pick: Buffalo + 3

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

The Titans sputter into Indianapolis on a two game losing streak and with Andrew Luck and company staring them in the face, things look bleak. A 1-3 start is almost always a death call in the NFL. It's a very difficult hole to dig yourself out of and the Titans would do themselves a serious favor if they could find a way to win here. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening. Andrew Luck lights the Titans secondary up on the way to a route.

The Pick: Colts - 7.5

Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

I've overlooked the Ravens resiliency this year and I've paid for it at the betting window. This team seems to keep their chin up and their focus laser tight no matter what's going on off the field. It's a nod to the coaching staff and the players in that locker room that the team hasn't folded. I don't see them folding in this game either. The Ravens are playing good football right now and they have a knack for winning close games and I think that's what we'll have here. A very close game. The Panthers are a dangerous team but they have some issues to sort out on offense. I don't think they get it sorted out soon enough and I think the Ravens win this one by a touchdown.

The Pick: Ravens -3

Detroit Lions at New York Jets

The next game has the makings of a serious problem for the Jets. Gang Green has issues in abundance in the secondary and as we all know Megatron loves to feast on smallish CBs, especially ones converted from safety. The Jets have a great pass rush but they can't take as many chances if the secondary isn't capable of keeping the receivers in front of them. The Jets have a chance to take control of the game if the run game is working but that is all predicated on the Jets not digging themselves into an early hole. The Lions are coming off a huge win over their rival, the Packers, and I see them keeping the high fiving and smiles going with a win over the Jets.

The Pick: Lions -1.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Tampa vs. Pittsburgh just doesn't interest me in the least. Somehow the Steelers are 2-1 and not shockingly the Bucs are 0-3. The Steelers should be able to run the ball at will against the Bucs. I have about as much interest in this game as I do climbing K-2 with no supplemental oxygen.

The Pick: Steelers -7.5

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers

The Jaguars are in big trouble. The Chargers have all of a sudden realized they are a good football team and much to the chagrin of the Jacksonville faithful, they will prove it on Sunday. Philip Rivers has looked every bit the all pro this year and I expect him to give us more of the same against the very deficient Jacksonville defense. Look for him to exploit them with the long ball and the medium middle routes.

The Pick: Chargers -13

Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

This is a game that really intrigues me and one I'm looking forward to. The 49ers need this game like a man stranded in the Sahara needs some water. It's that serious. Unfortunately, I don't think they'll get the relief they need. Instead I think they'll get a belly full of a high tempo go-go-go offense and just enough of a side order of Shady McCoy to keep them off balance. The Niners have had turnover problems this season and a good portion of their defense is in hurt or in trouble with the law. It doesn't bode well when you're dealing with an offensive juggernaut like Philadelphia. You gotta go with the Eagles and the points here.

The Pick: Eagles + 5.5

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

Atlanta. Minnesota. What does it matter to Matty Ice? A dome is a dome and he's going to prove that on Sunday. The intricate aerial display shown off by Atlanta is something of beauty and the way Matt Ryan has approached this season has to have the ATL faithful doing cartwheels while listening to Outkast. It's that impressive! Minnesota will be going to war without AP and their starting QB who has fractures to deal with. While I'm a fan of Teddy Bridgewater, the rookie from Louisville who will replace Matt Cassel, I don't think he's ready to go toe-to-toe with the Falcons and Matt Ryan. The Dirty Birds of Atlanta are the play in this one.

The Pick: Atlanta -3

Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints

The primetime game is a good one. We have the Saints vs the Cowboys and it should be a scoring fest. I expect Romo to be Romo in this one however and throw a crippling pick or fumble the ball when the game is on the line. On the other side of the field however, is Drew Brees who is about as reliable as the sun rising. Calm, cool and composed are just a few words used to describe Brees and with the spotlight directly shining on him in this game, he is going to light the Cowboys defense up like a Griswold Christmas tree. Blowout alert.

The Pick: Saints -3

New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

In our final game of the week we have the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith welcoming in Tom Terrific and the New England Patriots. Kansas City has proven this season that last season was a fluke. I have no confidence in the Chiefs at home or on the road and especially not against the Patriots. Tom Brady loves these moments and if you think he won't be chomping at the bit to prove he's still the guy, I have some fantastic beachfront property in Montana to sell you. The Patriots are the only way to go in this one.

The Pick: Pats - 3.5

Our thanks to Adrian Patrick for making his weekly picks. Otherwise just released their new album, ‘Peace At All Costs.’ The disc is available to order at iTunes. Check out the band’s tour dates here.