If you’ve been on the prowl for a new drinking song, never fear, Nickelback serve one up in a shot glass with their new single ‘Bottoms Up.’

Nickelback debuted the new tune today; the song is from their upcoming seventh studio release titled ‘Here and Now,’ due out on Nov. 21.

The Canadian rockers' longstanding success has been built on some very basic principles that can all be boiled down to a very simple theme - they rock! While they don’t leave their comfort zone all that often, what they do offer up are cleverly crafted rock tunes that stand the test of time and appeal to the masses.

With ‘Bottoms Up,’ the band builds on their tongue-in-cheek approach to the finer offerings of rock (for past examples see ‘Something in Your Mouth’ from ‘Dark Horse).

The song gets off the ground quickly, establishing itself as a modern-day drinking song. You can easily picture a large group of people partaking in a round or two of libations singing along at the top of their lungs with a call to action of  “Gather 'round / Fill’er up / Hammer down / Grab a cup / Bottoms up!” Bartenders beware! You may be hearing this song a lot in the near future so consider this your fair warning.

About two-thirds into the song, the guitar team of Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake rip it wide open with some tasty licks that take you away from the party lyrics if only for a moment to focus on the music behind it. But that doesn’t last long before the anthemic chorus chimes in again with: “This is what it’s all about / No one can slow us down / We ain’t gonna stop until the clock runs out / Hell can’t handle all of us / So get your bottoms up / Drinking every drop until it all runs out,” bring you right back to the party.

While this song is exactly what you’d hope for from Nickelback, don’t expect all of ‘Here and Now’ to play that way. Kroeger recently told the Associated Press that “when you listen to this record, it sounds like it could be from four different artists.” He continued to say that part of the game plan going in was “to try to do something heavier than we've ever done, more melodic than we've ever done, every single time we do this, and I think we've achieved it again."

You be the judge by drinking in 'Bottoms Up' in the audio player below.

Listen to Nickelback, 'Bottoms Up'