Nickelback rock ... and they've written some quite profound lyrics. At least that's the core of a sketch that took place on NBC's Saturday Night Live Saturday night (March 10). During one of the late in the evening sketches, Nickelback got a shout out from the sketch comedy series in a skit featuring This Is Us actor and SNL's host Sterling K. Brown.

In the sketch, Brown's character Michael is called to a family home where an elderly woman named Mrs. Gomez played by Melissa Villasenor lies in serious condition. Her children (Cecily Strong, Pete Davidson) are by her side when Brown's character arrives. As he goes to speak to her, she awakens long enough to offer some final words.

"I never made it," she struggles to speak. When Michael asks what she means, she elaborates, "I never made it as a wise man. I couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing," before collapsing. Trying to get her final words, Michael asks again with Mrs. Gomez gaining lucidity long enough to deliver even more lyrics (and mimic the distinctive drum introduction) from Nickelback's biggest hit, "How You Remind Me," with a rocking beat helping sell the words, before losing consciousness again.

Sure enough, when the paramedics (Alex Moffatt, Luke Null) are called, we learn that the elderly woman fell into a mosh pit at a Nickelback concert. As Mrs. Gomez' kids asked what she said, Brown's Michael responded, "I don't know, but it rocked." As he relays her final words to the family, the entire room, paramedics included, break into full on rock moves. "I've heard a lot of last words, but your mom's kicked the most ass," says the paramedic played by Null. Sadly, Mrs. Gomez didn't make it, but she ended her life rocking.

A bizarre sketch for sure, and we're not sure why a 17-year-old song from Nickelback was chosen to be the character's final words, but it was just odd enough to elicit some laughs as the final sketch of the night. Watch the full sketch above and take heed and beware of the Nickelback mosh pit.

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